Ethical Lingerie by Jess

Ethical Lingerie by Jess

Charlie Bradley Ross Monday, 2 June 2014

My name is Jessica van Twuiver and I studied Fashion Promotion and Imaging, focused on ethical fashion.

I have always admired beautiful lingerie and aspired to a career that would make a difference. When I learned more about the eco-fashion world I thought this could be translated into beautiful, ethical lingerie.


Before, I didn’t really know why I desired to work in fashion, but that summer I realised I wanted to do something about these problems through fashion.

I started looking into eco-fashion and coupled with my interest in lingerie I developed my idea of an ethical lingerie brand that would be against animal cruelty, to make sure people in the supply chain have good working conditions and fair wages and produce everything in a low impact way for the environment.


The development of the concept was a very time consuming and challenging process. Before I started I did a lot of research into lingerie, retail and consumer trends. I sourced eco-friendly fabrics to create product samples and the main fabrics we ended up using were Charmeuse Satin and Natural draped peace silk from Offset Warehouse.

I sourced eco-friendly bags and gift boxes and of course I also wrote a business plan. I had to collaborate with different people to get product designs and to do a photoshoot so I could create my promotional materials. Even though it got quite stressful towards the deadline, I had a great time working on this project as I was truly passionate about it.

With this project I also became a finalist in UCA’s Creative Challenge Competition with the final three winners yet to be announced.

The Creative Challenge is a competition which requires a proposal that incorporates the triple bottom line philosophy (people, planet, profitability). My work will also be featured during Graduate Fashion Week 2014 in The Truman Brewery 31st May - Tuesday 3rd June. Right now I am keeping an eye out for exciting opportunities and ways to further develop my brand.

Adrielle Ethical lingerie

Photography: Ariana Zappa | Make up: Andrea Béres | Models: Lil Bridger@ Milk Model Management & Anastasija Gusca | Design: Michelle Lewis |Art direction & retouch: Jessica van Twuiver