Sam Grig's Creative Hug - Luxury Knitwear

Sam Grig's Creative Hug - Luxury Knitwear

Charlie Bradley Ross Thursday, 8 May 2014

Hi my name is Sam. Over the next few months I am going to be posting blogs about various eco friendly things and lots of uses for wool and alpaca. First of all though I thought I would tell you a bit about myself first.

I own and run a small business in the Northeast in a small town called Yarm. I design and make luxury knitwear with a ‘creative hug’. Now you’re probably wondering what I mean by a ‘creative hug ’. I use this term because I feel that you can purchase one of our products and feel good knowing that it has been created with the environment in mind. We only use British wool and/or Alpaca to create our products, where possible our packaging is made using recycled materials and we use British companies to source anything else we may need. Doing this is not only kinder to the environment but it is supporting fellow UK businesses.

When I first started this business I did a lot of research into various yarns from all over the world but then thought to myself ‘why buy it from across the world when I have it right here on my doorstep?’. The UK offers many different breeds of sheep and each ones has a different use for the wool it produces. I will be showing you some of the ways sheep fleece is used in the UK and how I use it in my own business. In my next post we will start off by looking at the sheep breed Blue faced Leicester.