Offset Warehouse Exclusive: Ethical Banana Fabrics

Charlie Bradley Ross Thursday, 3 April 2014

Always on trend and looking for exclusive, luxury fabrics to share with our customers, Offset Warehouse is excited to reveal our brand new Banana FabricsTextured Black & White Banana and Thick Basket Weave Banana.


How To Make Banana Fabric

The Banana fibres used in fabric making are primarily a waste product; they come from the leftover stalks of banana plants after they have been harvested for food.

The stalk of a banana plant contains long fibrous strands that are perfect for processing into pliable fibres. The outer layers contain course fibres, great for weaving into baskets, whilst the inner finer layers are perfect for spinning into luxurious silks.

The separate sheaths in the stalk are first removed by chopping.

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They can be bought by the metre directly from the online shop, with samples available for you to test first, and are on sale for an amazing price. Offset Warehouse deliver world wide and offer a range of shipping options from Royal Mail 2nd Class to Courier.


Banana Fabric from Offset Warehouse

Hand-woven using thick banana yarns that have been dyed before weaving (commonly referred to as yarn-dyed) this thick, warm fabric has been created using two different coloured yarns for the warp and weft, giving it a wonderful depth and mottled texture. It is matte, thick and sturdy, with an amazing drape.


Banana Fabric from Offset Warehouse

In its beautiful, natural, cream colour, this is a completely unique fabric. Thick banana yarns are hand woven in a loose basket weave construction. The twisted yarn gives it a subtle sheen, and it virtually glows! This thick, matte fabric is one of the most exciting fabrics we have seen in a while.


Whilst Banana fibres are quite similar to bamboo, the fibres are slightly courser and naturally uneven. This makes them much more durable and easier to spin.The natural texture and feel is unique to the banana tree and therefore make a truly unique product.


The fabrics are the perfect texture and quality to create tailored jackets, skirts and trousers, and are perfectly suitable for soft furnishings such as cushions and throws. The hand-woven nature, make our banana fabrics exclusive and beautiful as well as upholding Offset Warehouse’s ethical values.

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