You've Got The Style - We've Got The Fabrics!

You've Got The Style - We've Got The Fabrics!

Charlie Bradley Ross Friday, 15 November 2013


1. Mallory Sophronia’s Reversible, Ecofriendly Handmade Bag. She used reclaimed cotton and thread for it’s confection. More of Mallory’s work here:
2. Athena Bentila’s Label Dress, made of recycled woven labels from various brands. Check Athena’s work here!
3. Susie Wareham’s Reclaimed Jersey Dress, made with some of our #OffsetWarehouse fabrics! Image credits: Rosa Joy Photography.
4. Jenny Spouge’s wonderful Duvet Dress, made from a hand-printed fair trade duvet cover.
5. Charlotte Day’s digitally printed Chemise Dress made from vintage linen bed sheets. More of Charlotte’s work here:

You guys definitely have bucket loads of style...We can't see what else you come up with!

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